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How Does Preparing for the PSAT Help You with the SAT AND ACT?

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Why Prepare for the PSAT?

The PSAT will not gain you entry into your top school. However, receiving high scores on the PSAT can earn scholarship money and possibly recognition as a National Merit Scholarship Recipient or Semifinalist.

What are the benefits of preparing for the PSAT?

  • The PSAT is great practice for the SAT. Even if you're planning on taking the ACT, the PSAT will help you prepare for the kinds of questions and the content you need to know (since there are similarities between the SAT and ACT).

  • Both PSAT and SAT require you to use critical thinking skills within a fixed amount of time. The more comfortable you are with the time format, the better your SAT scores.

  • PSAT results give you an idea of how you'll do on the SAT.

  • You can prep efficiently for the SAT if you know the areas in which you need additional strategies, instruction, or review.

  • Practicing test strategies, while identifying areas of knowledge and areas of need, will help you perform well on both the SAT and ACT.

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