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Duke to provide full tuition for eligible students with family incomes below $150,000

Beginning in the fall 2023 semester, Duke University will provide full tuition grants for undergraduate students admitted to Duke from North Carolina and South Carolina whose family incomes are $150,000 or less. For Duke students who are residents of the Carolinas with family incomes of $65,000 or less, Duke will provide full tuition grants, plus financial assistance for housing, meals and some course materials or other campus expenses, without the need for student loans. “This additional financial support for undergraduates reflects Duke’s commitment to our students from the Carolinas,” President Vincent Price said. “By providing even more equitable access to a Duke education, and ensuring students have the resources they need to truly thrive while here at Duke, we will also make our campus community stronger.”

All current undergraduates from the Carolinas who qualify will be eligible for the additional assistance starting in the fall 2023 semester. Qualifying first-year students, sophomores, juniors and seniors from the Carolinas will receive financial aid statements by July 1 that reflect this new commitment. About 340 students are expected to benefit in the next academic year.

“We want to make it easier for families to choose Duke,” said Gary Bennett, dean of Trinity College of Arts & Sciences, which admits about 80 percent of Duke’s undergraduate students. “Attending college can expand a family’s opportunities for generations, and we aim to make the Duke experience as widely accessible as we can.”

Duke students from military families who meet the income requirements and whose legal residence is in the Carolinas will also qualify, even if they are stationed elsewhere.

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