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COVID Vaccines Will Be Mandatory for Students in Nation’s Second-Largest School District

Los Angeles Unified school district voted unanimously to require ALL students 12 and older to be vaccinated. This could spark other school districts around the country to do the same.

Students cannot afford to miss another year of school. Although remote learning was good for some students, others suffered from isolationism, some students have not been in contact with schools since March of 2020.

Many students and teachers are struggling to fill the academic gaps left from interrupted schooling. Not only learning loss, but content that is vital to move onto the next level academically.

Many schools must weigh the pros and cons of how to proceed with their job as educational institutions and also keeping students, teachers and other staff safe. This is a tough decision, but it must be made for the greater good.

Story adapted by Catherine Gewertz— September 09, 2021

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